Whitney Port Shows Off Her Bra In Central Park

22 Agustus 2009

Whitney Port Bra Central Park 1

MTV "The Hills" blonde-tastic babe Whitney Port took some time out of her busy schedule to relax in New York's Central Park the other day. Yeah, it was a nice sunny day so heck, why not enjoy some sunbathing right? Sure, why not. Thing was though, she wasn't wearing a bikini - she was in her city clothes so bummer - all covered up... what's a gal to do? Then she got a great idea - just take off her shirt! Yeah, she's got a bra on after-all - it's like a bikini top right? No problemo. So off with that pesky shirt and yeah... just soak up those rays. Well, it sure is a nice view of that bra... and a couple of other things too... yum! Enjoy the view here at Sexy Celebrity Girlz - Cheers.

Whitney Port Bra Central Park 2
Whitney Port Bra Central Park 3
Whitney Port Bra Central Park 4

Uhm.. Yeah... Britney Spears Still Looks Great In A Bikini

Britney Spears White Bikini 1
Sooo remember how Britney Spears used to look in her bikini back when she first hit the big-time? Like hot as freakin' hell? That of course was back before she pushed out two wee ones and was younger and not yet really fully developed and hadn't yet gone crazy and before dealing with K-Fed and all that... okay, so how does she look in a bikini - NOW? Hmmm.... well, let's take a gander at her as she relaxes in Los Angeles a few days ago poolside and sporting a white bikini... right so Sexy Celebrity Girlz is here to confirm that she's still hot as hell! Seriously she looky good don't ya think? She does that's just all there is to it - so enjoy the candid Britney bikini pics - Cheers.

Britney Spears White Bikini 2
Britney Spears White Bikini 3
Britney Spears White Bikini 4
Britney Spears White Bikini 5

Shakira's Wide Open Shirt

Shakira's Wide Open Shirt
Shakira... mmmmm.... Shakira is back baby! The Columbian pop tart is steaming up the charts again with her new single "She-Wolf" and the crazy sexy cool video (check out the Shakira Is Very Flexible to see the vid-caps) is just steenkin' hot. Well, when you've got an album to promote - what's a girl gonna do? She's gonna expose a whole lot of her awesome girl-flesh in some sweet magazine photo shoots of course - so lucky us! This time she's in Gente magazine and opening her shirt pretty wide there to expose some cleavage and her yummy tummy plus showing off the legs, the bare shoulder and her luscious blonde mane. It's all good - so enjoy the Shakira here at Sexy Celebrity Girlz - Cheers.

Shakira's Bare Shoulder
Shakira's Blonde Hair

Kim Kardashian Is A Hot and Leggy Blonde Babe

Kim Kardashian Blonde and Leggy 1
Would you just look at our favorite pampered Reality TV princess - the bum-tastic Kim Kardashian - as she shows off her fresh blonde haired looks and smoking hot legs? D@mn I am just loving her as a blonde! She is just sooooooo freaking yummy. This time around she's at the Bolthouse Photography Exhibit -- whatever the hell that is - like I care in the least -- and her whole put together look just seems to have gone on to a whole other level. She's leaving that dead wood (aka her sisters Khloe, the one who looks like Lurch, and Kourtney, the preggers one, behind - they appear to have their own new show on E - wondering how that'll fare without Kimmy on board?) behind and is going to be making a CD and then onto movies and perfumes and... hey, this sounds a bit familiar... Paris Hilton anyone? Still I love looking at 'em both - I just don't want to hear them sing so much... or watch them act like wooden planks -- but in picture form they're awesome. So enjoy the pics of Kimmy - Cheers.

Kim Kardashian Beautiful Blonde

Hot Male Celebs (Who Are Also Smart!)


Hot Guy = Good…when he keeps his mouth closed.
Smart Guy = Good…after you rid him of those light wash/reverse fit jeans.

But a hot, smart guy? Who also happens to be a gifted actor?
Uh, marry me?

We all love ogling hot celebs, but ogling hot AND smart celebs is even better! Believe it or not, many Hollywood stars have both the looks and the brains, whether they attended an Ivy League college or are involved in worldwide social activism.

Here are 10 male celebrities who have the whooooole package. A package I’d like to take home to mama:

John Krasinski


We all love Jim Halpert from The Office. He is utterly adorable and clearly too smart for a desk job selling paper. And, as luck would have it, so is the actor that plays him! John Krasinski studied theater at Brown University, even writing a play as his honors thesis. Not bad, Halpert, not bad at all.

Kal Penn


Don’t let his antics in Harold and Kumar fool you, because Kal Penn is one smart guy. His character on House was written out of the show so that Penn could take up the post of Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison in the Obama administration. Plus, he’s currently pursuing a graduate certificate in international security at Stanford. Stanford? Obama? He’s making me swoon already!

Hugh Grant


We all know that Hugh Grant is a little…well, awkward, in the way that British actors often are. But he’s not just a bumbling, pretty man – he’s a smart, bumbling, pretty man! Grant attended Oxford University on a scholarship, studying literature and even graduating with honors. That explains why he was so wonderful as Edward Ferrars in Sense & Sensibility!

Jon Stewart


Jon Stewart is pretty much the rockstar of late-night satirical news. Despite his height and, well, age, he’s one silver fox! But that’s not all; Stewart attended the college of William and Mary and is the host of The Daily Show, perhaps the only news show that actually forces the viewer to think critically about politics and events in the news. And, admit it, you try to incorporate his musings and witticisms into your political science and government papers. You know you do.

Matt Damon


Matt Damon must’ve had himself in mind when he co-wrote the screenplay of Good Will Hunting with his buddy Ben Affleck. Damon attended Harvard University and studied English there, although before he could graduate, he dropped out to pursue his acting career. We can forgive that, Matt, since your career has been a success…and since you’re so nice to look at…

James Franco


James Franco has a reputation for being – well, a bit too similar to his drug-dealing character in Pineapple Express, although he’s a major hottie even with the greasy hair. But he’s definitely no slacker; just look at his pursuit of higher education. Franco attended UCLA, graduating with a degree in English, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at Columbia University and studying filmmaking at New York University. I have to say, I’m impressed with his ability to juggle two schools as well as a movie career. Now that takes a lot of talent!

Chris Noth


We know Chris Noth for his role as the enigmatic Mr. Big on Sex and the City. And, as you can see, he’s one good-looking man. But did you know that he received an MFA from the Yale School of Drama, acting in twenty-five plays while he was there? One thing’s for sure: this man was born to act. And his ability to make Carrie Bradshaw (and her loyal viewers) swoon is proof of that!

George Clooney


It is only fitting that George Clooney continues to help others after achieving stardom thanks in part to his role on ER in the 90s. Now, he is not only an outspoken liberal and supporter of President Barack Obama, but he is also a leading voice in the campaign to end the genocide in Darfur. Time Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People for “using star power to illuminate the crisis in Darfur.” Now here’s a man using his celebrity power for good. A lot of celebs can learn a thing or two from him. *cough cough Paris Hilton cough cough*

Will Smith


Newsweek has it right: Will Smith is definitely the most powerful actor on the planet. He’s gorgeous, a successful actor, a musician – and, pretty damn smart! Smith once won a scholarship to MIT, but he turned it down in order to pursue music. Not a bad move, Will. Look at where you are now!

Edward Norton


Edward Norton is the actor’s actor. He is very serious about his craft and reluctant to embrace his celebrity status (as evidenced by the furrowed brow and whisper of “Who’s he?” that is undoubtedly falling from your lips right now). The fact that he studied history at Yale University might explain his uncanny level of dedication and discipline. Norton is a certainly gentleman and a scholar…and quite a good-looking specimen!

Amrita Arora Gets Sexy This Summer

21 Agustus 2009

Amrita Arora
This summer Bollywood is all bent on rising the mercury to its highest. If the bikini avatars of Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora in ‘Kambakth Ishq’ and Lara Dutta in ‘Blue’ were not enough, we will have sweet and nubile Amrita Rao too unleash her sexy avatar with her upcoming summer release flick ‘Shortkut’.

This Anil Kapoor production co-stars Akshaye Khanna and Arshad Warsi and is being directed by Neeraj Vora. Amrita will be flaunting her abs and legs in skimpy clothes for the movie and this makeover for her has been done by none other than designer guru, Manish Malhotra.

Amrita states in this regards, “Till now most of my characters in the films that have done have been conservative and that is why I have had to dress the part.

In Vivaah, the character was so traditional that the attire had to support her beliefs. But Shortkut is a different film and I am wearing clothes accordingly. And all I can say that Manish has done a fabulous job and I feel I am looking great.”

Deepika Padukone The New Face Of ORBIT

Deepika Padukone The New Face Of ORBIT

Your favourite chewing gum, Orbit is all set to become more refreshing as Wrigley has signed Deepika Padukone as its new face. A spokesperson from the company says, “Deepika’s association with Orbit will synchronise well with the brand and its objectives. We believe that this association would help us achieve widespread awareness about the importance of oral care and the benefits of chewing Orbit sugar-free chewing

Latest Bollywood News: Aishwarya Is Not Playing Sita In Ravana

While the still of Aishwarya-Abhishek starrer Mani Ratnam flick, Ravana is doing the rounds on the net, many of us are assuming that Ash plays the role of Sita in the flick, however Aishwarya denies the news.

She says, “The name of my character is not ‘Sita’. I am playing a woman who has similarities with the Sita of Ramayana.” “I can’t give any details about Ravana at the moment. You will have to wait and watch. All I can say that it is an intense film set in today’s time and Mani has given a totally new perspective to the art of storytelling.” Ash also tell how she and Abhishek never got play the regular coochie-coo couple in their movies.

She says, “We have never been paired opposite each other in the conventional way, apart from the film Kuchh Naa Kaho. Be it Dhoom 2 or Sarkar Raj, it’s not the conventional man-wife pairing. Even in Guru, the film revolves around Abhishek. So, by the time Ravana happened, we have become used to this.”
“But, director Abhinay Deol has decided to cast us in his new film. Hopefully, the audience will see us romancing on screen there.”

Soha Wants Emraan To Kiss Her

While Emraan Hashmi is seriously trying to shed his ’serial-kisser’ tag, his latest co-star Soha Ali Khan who is shooting with him for the flick Tum Mile is desperate to be kissed by Emraan.

When quizzed her about any kisses with the kisser boy and she says, “I am really excited about this one. You know I am all for Bollywod romance and this is my first ever love story. I think we make an interesting pair. As far as the kissing goes, believe me this time it’s bit of a role reversal. Throughout the film I am trying to get Emraan to kiss me. I want him to but he is the one ignoring me.”

Soha Ali Khan

Ricky Martin And His Boys On The Beach

Ricky Martin celebrated his sons' first birthday by posting a series of family photos on his website. The She Bangs singer, 37, announced in August 2008 that he was set to take a year away from the spotlight after becoming father of fraternal twins born to a surrogate mother. And now he's showing off one-year-old boys Matteo and Valentino in a set of personal pictures, snapped on a beach in Miami, Florida. In the pictures, the 37 year old can be seen holding a child in each arm as they sit in the sand on the shore. Another photo shows him giving one of the babies their first bath shortly after birth.

He says of his boys, "I'm so happy! Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing. This has been the most spiritual moment in my life."

Miranda Kerr – Bikini Photoshoot in Sydney

19 Agustus 2009

Miranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda Kerr Miranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda KerrMiranda Kerr posing in bikini for photosoot at Icebergs restaurant in Sydney - Hot Celebs Home