Kim Kardashian Is A Hot and Leggy Blonde Babe

22 Agustus 2009

Kim Kardashian Blonde and Leggy 1
Would you just look at our favorite pampered Reality TV princess - the bum-tastic Kim Kardashian - as she shows off her fresh blonde haired looks and smoking hot legs? D@mn I am just loving her as a blonde! She is just sooooooo freaking yummy. This time around she's at the Bolthouse Photography Exhibit -- whatever the hell that is - like I care in the least -- and her whole put together look just seems to have gone on to a whole other level. She's leaving that dead wood (aka her sisters Khloe, the one who looks like Lurch, and Kourtney, the preggers one, behind - they appear to have their own new show on E - wondering how that'll fare without Kimmy on board?) behind and is going to be making a CD and then onto movies and perfumes and... hey, this sounds a bit familiar... Paris Hilton anyone? Still I love looking at 'em both - I just don't want to hear them sing so much... or watch them act like wooden planks -- but in picture form they're awesome. So enjoy the pics of Kimmy - Cheers.

Kim Kardashian Beautiful Blonde

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