Latest Bollywood News: Aishwarya Is Not Playing Sita In Ravana

21 Agustus 2009

While the still of Aishwarya-Abhishek starrer Mani Ratnam flick, Ravana is doing the rounds on the net, many of us are assuming that Ash plays the role of Sita in the flick, however Aishwarya denies the news.

She says, “The name of my character is not ‘Sita’. I am playing a woman who has similarities with the Sita of Ramayana.” “I can’t give any details about Ravana at the moment. You will have to wait and watch. All I can say that it is an intense film set in today’s time and Mani has given a totally new perspective to the art of storytelling.” Ash also tell how she and Abhishek never got play the regular coochie-coo couple in their movies.

She says, “We have never been paired opposite each other in the conventional way, apart from the film Kuchh Naa Kaho. Be it Dhoom 2 or Sarkar Raj, it’s not the conventional man-wife pairing. Even in Guru, the film revolves around Abhishek. So, by the time Ravana happened, we have become used to this.”
“But, director Abhinay Deol has decided to cast us in his new film. Hopefully, the audience will see us romancing on screen there.”

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