Uhm.. Yeah... Britney Spears Still Looks Great In A Bikini

22 Agustus 2009

Britney Spears White Bikini 1
Sooo remember how Britney Spears used to look in her bikini back when she first hit the big-time? Like hot as freakin' hell? That of course was back before she pushed out two wee ones and was younger and not yet really fully developed and hadn't yet gone crazy and before dealing with K-Fed and all that... okay, so how does she look in a bikini - NOW? Hmmm.... well, let's take a gander at her as she relaxes in Los Angeles a few days ago poolside and sporting a white bikini... right so Sexy Celebrity Girlz is here to confirm that she's still hot as hell! Seriously she looky good don't ya think? She does that's just all there is to it - so enjoy the candid Britney bikini pics - Cheers.

Britney Spears White Bikini 2
Britney Spears White Bikini 3
Britney Spears White Bikini 4
Britney Spears White Bikini 5

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