Shakira's Wide Open Shirt

22 Agustus 2009

Shakira's Wide Open Shirt
Shakira... mmmmm.... Shakira is back baby! The Columbian pop tart is steaming up the charts again with her new single "She-Wolf" and the crazy sexy cool video (check out the Shakira Is Very Flexible to see the vid-caps) is just steenkin' hot. Well, when you've got an album to promote - what's a girl gonna do? She's gonna expose a whole lot of her awesome girl-flesh in some sweet magazine photo shoots of course - so lucky us! This time she's in Gente magazine and opening her shirt pretty wide there to expose some cleavage and her yummy tummy plus showing off the legs, the bare shoulder and her luscious blonde mane. It's all good - so enjoy the Shakira here at Sexy Celebrity Girlz - Cheers.

Shakira's Bare Shoulder
Shakira's Blonde Hair

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