Whitney Port Shows Off Her Bra In Central Park

22 Agustus 2009

Whitney Port Bra Central Park 1

MTV "The Hills" blonde-tastic babe Whitney Port took some time out of her busy schedule to relax in New York's Central Park the other day. Yeah, it was a nice sunny day so heck, why not enjoy some sunbathing right? Sure, why not. Thing was though, she wasn't wearing a bikini - she was in her city clothes so bummer - all covered up... what's a gal to do? Then she got a great idea - just take off her shirt! Yeah, she's got a bra on after-all - it's like a bikini top right? No problemo. So off with that pesky shirt and yeah... just soak up those rays. Well, it sure is a nice view of that bra... and a couple of other things too... yum! Enjoy the view here at Sexy Celebrity Girlz - Cheers.

Whitney Port Bra Central Park 2
Whitney Port Bra Central Park 3
Whitney Port Bra Central Park 4

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