Wedding Hair Styles

06 April 2009

Diane Kruger
Diane's cute plait has a real relaxed, undone-elegance about it — perfect for any boho brides. It's also amazingly quick and easy to do yourself. To recreate:

1. Spritz damp hair with a style constructor spray and roughly blow dry. Then, centre-part hair and retain two large sections at the front on each side to construct into plaits.

2. Avoiding the two front sections, brush the rest of the hair back into a ponytail, securing low at the nape of the neck. Twist the ponytail around your hand and into a looped bun or knot depending on the length of your hair. Secure with grips.

3. Finally, loosely plait the two side sections.

Note: Starting the plait just above the ears like Diane has a softer effect than starting it higher up near your parting, and is far more befitting a blushing bride. Pin the ends of the plait into the bun using grips and secure with a light spritz of hairspray. Ta da! This style is also a perfect way to keep hair away from your face in the heat if you're likely to be getting all hot and flustered on your big day.

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