Natalie Portman's Wedding Hair Style

06 April 2009

Natalie's curled chignon is a fresh take on the traditional French twist, kept young and current with a slightly unkempt finish. To recreate:

1. Set hair using medium-sized heated rollers. Leave for about 15 minutes before removing and gently backcomb at the roots to create body. 2. Divide hair into three sections — one at the top in the middle, then one on either side of the head. Pull the side sections back into a low ponytail, leaving the top section free.
3. Encourage the ends of the ponytail to curl naturally, or add a few of your own with tongs if your hair is straight. Then twist upwards into a roll and pin with Kirby grips, letting the ends stick out slightly to achieve that unkempt finish.
4. Softly pin the loose front section of hair back to join the twist, and spritz with a gloss spray. To finish add a splash of sparkle and hide any plain grips with a glittering hair clip like Natalie's.

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