Donita Hot Seksi

03 Oktober 2008

Donita with the complete name is Noni Anissa Ramadhani, was born in Bandung, West Java, on February 14 1989. He was known as the model, the film star, and the wide screen. The star that had become the Shampoo Zinc advertisement model, Tisu Tessa had starred in several films, among them the CINTA FITRI, BENCI JADI CINTA, MAK COMBLANG, SUMPAH GUE SAYANG LO, MAKIN SAYANG, DEWA ASMARA. Moreover the star of FTV CINTA 100% and KAPAN AKU PUNYA PACAR headed his action in the wide screen in 2007, through the horror film is SUSTER NGESOT . than Donita playing as the supporting actress in the BESTFRIEND film? (2008) Donita could establish the love with actor Randy Pangalila. They playing together in CINTA FITRI. but this love of the couple of the religious difference did not take place old. They were apart in August 2008.

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