Aura Kasih - sexy singer - Hampir bugil

30 September 2008

Sexy singer indonesia aura kasih, new album , she the hottest singer of the year, Aura kasih " Goyangan mau" she has a good singer and very sexy ho body, "Goyangan anas aura kasih" Hot dance on new album of aura kasih

From beginning the appearance, singer Aura Kasih affection has formed sexy image in every the appearance. but Aura Kasih admit never want to let loose sexy clothes.

Follow 'Mari Bercinta' singer that is sexiest must not be seen from appearance. manner speaks and posed to also can be assumed sexy.

" That section can be seen from character. but really a large part man really sexy from physical, " said Aura Kasih met at Pewayangan building, beautiful Indonesia miniature, Jakarta east.

Aurah kasih have a sexy lips, good toket ( and we aal say " sedikit bugil " on video album"
But although such Aura Kasih not dispute if the first clip video really wear minimum clothes with exotic dance. temporary at second clip video also the grand stand appearance, Aura Kasih carefuler in choose clothes.