Luna Maya Hot Nude in Bali

03 Oktober 2008

Luna Maya
Denpasar, 26 Aaugust 1983

Luna Maya headed his career as the model star catwalk, afterwards developed himself in role art, both the film and the film. His prominent achievement as the model was terpilih him Luna as the Lux Star 2006 Where in this film, Luna played a role the antagonist as Barbara, a pretty and sexy idol girl. Although playing a small role in this film, Luna was regarded as successful. A year later Luna again was involved in the BROWNIES film (2005). As in the film beforehand, in the film directed by the director Hanung Bramantyo this, Luna was still getting the small role. Luna just got the main role, when starring in the WARD film 13 (2005) by playing the Mina character.