Celebs in Rehab

17 Maret 2009

Rehab was a very popular spot for celebrities over the course of 2007. From Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan to John Goodman and "Miss America" Tara Connor, it seemed like more stars were seeking help than ever before (or society has been paying much more attention). It is no surprise that TV executives have decided to capitalize on the "Rehab Craze" by putting out a show full of B-List celebrities trying to get sober.

At first "Celebrity Rehab", which appears on Thursday evenings on VH1, was thought to be a show of little substance bordering on the offensive, but it is far from that. The show gives us a no-holds-bar look at various celebrities using drugs, detoxing and reaching for recovery with the help of Dr. Drew Pinsky and his Pasadena Recovery Center.
"I don't know how to stop drinking," adult film star Mary Carey tells Pinsky in one of the many one-on-one interviews that are a staple of the show.

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