Another Celebrity in Rehab

17 Maret 2009

Actress Kirsten Dunst has checked in to rehab and is also apparently involved in a rehab romance. It is not known who this mystery man is but relationships while in drug and alcohol rehab is never a good idea. There are multiple reason why, but the most important are because the addict needs to focus on herself. Part of any successful rehab program requires that the addict do self-realization activities in order for that person to understand why he or she started using drugs and/or alcohol. When a person’s attention is focused on someone else, there is little time left for the all-important self-reflection.
Another reason why a person in rehab should not be involved in a rehab romance is because when the relationship in question turns sour, a relapse could, and often is, triggered. Not only is the addict not making recovery the priority, he or she hides the ugly side of addiction. It is human nature to show a more favorable side when starting a new relationship. This is normally innocent but admitting the negative sides of oneself is crucial for any shot at sobriety once outside of treatment.

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