Celebrities who Have Been to Rehab

17 Maret 2009

Many Celebrities have been in and out of rehab for many different reasons.

Here is a short list of some of the celebs.

John Belushi addictions: cocaine, alcoholismwas in and out of rehab several times, but could not commit to clean living, and ultimately died of a cocaine overdose

Robin Williams addictions: alcoholism, previously cocainewas addicted to cocaine and alcohol early in his career, but quit both when friend john belushi died of an overdose. When he began to drink again, he sent himself to rehab immediately.

Robert Downey, Jr. addictions: cocaine, heroinehas continued to be a successful actor after rehabilitation

Ben Affleck addictions: alcoholismhas successfully completed rehab and is still a hollywood star.

Michael Jackson addictions: analgesic prescription drugs (painkillers)had fallen into a downward spiral of sorts since then, including allegations of child molestation and has almost entirely fallen into obscurity

Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem) addictions: sleep medicationshas been on a performing hiatus since his rehabilitation

Betty Ford addictions: alcoholism, analgesic prescription drugs (painkillers)after recovery, she established the Betty Ford Center.

Whitney Houston addictions: cocaine, marijuana, analgesic prescription drugshas been to rehab twice for drug use, and has reportedly stopped using.

Elton John addictions: cocaine, alcoholismwas in and out of rehab several times, and finally came clean and stopped using.

Sam Jacksonaddictions: cocaine, alcoholismcompleted rehab in 1991, and went on to be a major movie star

Ozzy Osbourneaddictions: cocaine, alcoholismwas in and out of rehab several times. has been clean for almost 20 years

Kelly Osbourneaddictions: sedatives, analgesic prescription drugscommitted herself to rehab after realizing how drugs were destroying her. she has since recovered and is clean

Nicole Ritchieaddictions: heroine, eating disordersshe has completed rehab and is currently starting a family with Joel Madden of the rock group Good Charlotte.

Haley Joel Osment addictions: alcoholismwas underage, drunk driving and crashed his car. he was ordered to complete 60 hours of alcohol rehab, which he did.

Winona Ryder addictions: analgesic prescription drugsshe was arrested for shoplifting while on drugs, and went to rehab, which she successfully completed

Lindsay Lohan addictions: alcoholism, cocaineshe has been in and out of rehab countless times, yet to no avail. she is currently in rehab again.

Britney Spears addictions: alcoholismshe checked into rehab and checked out a day later, and checked in again for a month. She seems to have not completely overcome her addiction.

Charlie Sheen addictions: alcoholismwas in rehab for a short time in 1998, and has been sober since his release

Mel Gibson addictions: alcoholismwent into rehab after being arrested for a DUI in 2006

Maureen McCormick (Marsha Brady)addictions: cocaine, bulimiawas highly addicted while working on the Brady Bunch. Went through years of counseling and is now clean and sober.

Drew Barrymore addictions: several drugs, alcoholshe was highly addicted to drugs and alcohol, and attempted suicide, all before she turned 13. She went into rehab, and has since turned her life around.

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