100 Celebrities Arrested For Drug Possession

10 Januari 2009

60. Faith EvansFaith Evans
2004- found marijuana and cocaine during a traffic stop and her and her husband were arrested. She completed a 13-week drug rehab program to have charges dropped.

59. David FaustinoDavid Faustino
“Bud” from “Married With Children” was arrested in 2007 when he was found with a gram of marijuana in his pocket. It was during a traffic stop and he tried to be sneaky and climb out of the window but wasn’t clever enough for the cops. The charges were later dropped however when the District Attorney was unable to produce a witness that could identify Faustino.

58. Freddy FenderFreddy Fender
Musician. 1960- he and a band member arrested for marijuana possession and he spent almost three years in the scary Louisiana State Penitentiary Angola prison farm until he was helped out by the Governor Jimmie Davis. Davis was also a songwriter and musician and requested that Fender stay away from music while on probation as a condition of his release. Aren’t the best songs written in those hard times in life? He gets released from a scary 3 years in jail and can’t sing about it. That governor was a jerk.

57. Flavor FlavFlavor Flav
Flav was big into drugs, specifically crack, and had his license suspended at least 43 times! During a fight with his baby mama, he got picked and charged with possession of narcotics. He tried rehab a bunch of times (maybe he could have told Lindsay Lohan that rehab is for quitters and doesn’t work anyways) and racked up some more drug arrests like one in 1996. Supposedly, he is clean as of 2004 but I wish drugs could explain his crazy behavior on “Flavor of Love 192.” “yeeeeah booooyyyyee”

56. Mark FoleyMark Foley
The former House of Representatives member, not to be confused with the motivation speaker on “SNL” Matt Foley, got in trouble for marijuana possession but the charges were later dropped. His real trouble came years later when he was forced to resign in 2006 because he sent some inappropriate emails to a former congressional page asking for pics. Just ask in person silly. Don’t get that in writing!

55. Kevin GageKevin Gage
The actor from “Heat” and also ex-husband to Kelly Preston was arrested in 2003 for cultivating marijuana even though he had a California-issued license for medicinal marijuana. He was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison. He went in September 2003 and was released September 2005. Guess those licenses are pretty useless.

54. Jerry GarciaJerry Garcia
The Grateful Dead singer was raided/busted many times during the 60s, 70s and 80s and finally went to rehab after the band staged an intervention in the mid 80s. The band and crew members were arrested multiple times for drug possession over the years.

53. Art GarfunkelArt Garfunkel
Musician of Simon and Garfunkel. You can’t have a boring life with such a such last name. Arrested in early 2004 and again in August 2005 and paid fines both times.

52. Boy GeorgeBoy George
Eclectic singer George, well of the Boy variety, was arrested in 1986 for marijuana possession and made headlines in 2005 when he lied about a burglary in his home and the police that arrived found cocaine in the house. He was put on trash duty as punishment and could barely pick anything up because of all the photogs surrounding him.

51. Al Gore IIIAl Gore III
The former Vice President’s son was found with a partial marijuana cigarette and a baggie with more weed in 2003. The younger Gore entered a substance-abuse program that included 12 weeks of urine testing, community service and substance-abuse counseling. In 2007, more marijuana was found in a traffic stop.

50. Woody HarrelsonWoody Harrelson
1996- arrested for planting 4 marijuana hemp seeds in rural Kentucky because he was challenging a law that didn’t distinguish between marijuana and hemp. the charge was dismissed, probably because they were confused and didn’t know the difference between the two either.

49. George HarrisonGeorge Harrison
Don’t worry all the Beatles made the list. This Beatle was arrested along with his soon-to-be wife on his wedding day in 1969 on marijuana possession charges. No word as to whether or not the arresting officers made it into the wedding album.

48. Don HenleyDon Henley
The Eagles singer was arrested in 1980 and charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine and Quaaludes, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was fined, put on two years’ probation and ordered to attend drug counseling.

47. Dennis HopperDennis Hopper
In 1999, the 64-year-old actor was found in possession of marijuana at the Calgary airport. The judge decided that because of Hopper’s cooperation, his age and the small amount found that all charges would be dropped. So when you hit 90, go crazy. Then pull the age card when you get before the judge.

46. Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston
2000-marijuana was found in her and her husband, Bobby Brown’s bag at an airport in Hawaii. The couple left before the authorities got there. She pleaded no contest and had to pay a few thousand dollars to a youth-orientated anti-drug program in place of community service. She also went to rehab in 2004 and 2005.

45. Robert IlerRobert Iler
The “Sopranos” son was arrested in 2001 for armed robbery and marijuana possession and received three year’s probation. Didn’t he learn anything? Get the mob to do your dirty work.

44. Allen IversonAllen Iverson
The basketball player was charged with marijuana possession in 1997 and got community service out of it.

43. JadakissJadakiss
2004, 2006- marijuana possession that resulted in fines

42. Mick JaggerMick Jagger
The “Rolling Stone” was arrested in 1967 and 1970 for marijuana possession but neither resulted in jail time. Just a side note: these guys have gone on tour 40 times since 1963!

41. Haley Joel OsmentHaley Joel Osment
2006- arrested for marijuana possession and driving under the influence. He not only saw dead people, he also saw three years probation, 60 hours in an alcohol rehabilitation and education program, a fine of $1500, and a minimum requirement of 26 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings over a six-month period. I’d rather just see the dead people.

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