100 Celebrities Arrested For Drug Possession

10 Januari 2009

80. Orlando CepedaOrlando Cepeda
Baseball Player. 1975- after retirement, got arrested while picking up a marijuana shipment in San Juan airport. Ouch. If it’s labeled as a “shipment,” it couldn’t have been a few ounces. He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment but served 10 months. Really, if you round up, carry the 1 add 3, you get 5 years. It makes sense. He was on probation the rest of the time and was cool until 2007 when he was arrested for having a “usable amount” of marijuana.

79. Ray CharlesRay Charles
The legendary musician was arrested in 1958 and 1961 for heroin possession and in 1964 was arrested for heroin and marijuana possession at the Boston airport. 1965-arrested for heroin possession after being addicted for almost 20 years. He avoided jail by getting clean at a clinic in Los Angeles and spent a year on parole.

78. Adam ClaytonAdam Clayton
The lesser known bassist of the band U2, Clayton was arrested in 1989 while in Dublin for carrying a small amount of marijuana but got out of conviction by making a large donation to charity.

77. Eldridge CleaverEldridge Cleaver
Cleaver started out things on a bad foot when he was sent to reform school as a teenager because he was caught stealing a bike and dealing marijuana. The Black Panther was arrested in 1954 and sent to the California State Prison at Soledad for 30 months on marijuana possession charges. He was released in 1957 but went back the following year on attempted murder charges. He got out in 1966 and kept up the in and out of jail pattern for the rest of his life. In 1998, he was placed on probation for burglary convictions and cocaine possession. He died that same year from unknown causes.

76. Joe CockerJoe Cocker
With his gritty voice and interesting moves on stage, Cocker is an icon of his time. His style is quite unique and John Belushi used to do a close to perfect imitation of him on “Saturday Night Live.” In 1972, Cocker and six of his entourage were arrested for marijuana possession in Australia and kindly asked to leave the country. This caused an uproar with the Aussie Cocker fans and sparked much debate over the topic of the legalization of marijuana. As far as I know, Australia is still weed-free but good job Joe Cocker in almost causing it to be legal.

75. Jason CookJason Cook
The “Days of Our Lives” “actor” (sorry- dope/soap operas don’t do much for me) was arrested in 2005 for public intoxication and drug possession in Des Moines, Iowa. The best part is that all charges were dropped- no fine, no anything. Turns out that the police forgot to notarize the ticket against him and therefore it was invalid. Talk about a lucky day. I wouldn’t plan a wild drug and alcohol adventure to Des Moines though because I doubt that error happens twice.

74. CoolioCoolio
The rapper, known by most people by his crazy hair, was arrested in 1998 for marijuana possession but those charges were dropped. Guess he’s living a gangsta’s paradise.

73. Frank CorderFrank Corder
In a true you-can’t-make-this-up story, Corder crashed a plane kamikaze style on the White House lawn in 1994. His life had been unraveling following an arrest in 1993 on two drug charges. One was dropped and the other resulted in a 90-day suspended sentence but the most unfortunate next event was that his wife passed away after battling cancer. Friends believe the location was merely a publicity stunt and not a true aim at President Clinton. The Clinton’s weren’t home anyways thanks to renovations on the White House but I’m sure waking up to a plane crashing in your front yard would be enough to scare almost anyone.

72. David CrosbyDavid Crosby
The Crosby, Stills and Nash singer (I wonder what the story is behind that band name) had a lot of problems with drug addiction in the 70s and 80s. He was arrested multiple times on various drug charges and shortly thereafter was arrested again for possessing heroin, cocaine, pot and codeine — while on bail awaiting cocaine charges. Walking away from rehab was the last straw and he was ordered to Texas State Prison in Huntsville where he stayed for 9 months. 2004- arrested for having a loaded .45-caliber handgun and a small quantity of marijuana.

71. Macaulay Culkinmacaulay culkin
Everyone’s favorite child actor hit a rough note in 2004 when he was arrested for possession of 17 grams of marijuana and prescription drug Xanax. No need to scream though. He only had to do drug counseling.

70. Tony CurtisTony Curtis
The actor who shared the screen with Marilyn Monroe in “Some Like it Hot” found himself in hot water in 1970 when he was arrested for marijuana possession at the Heathrow airport.

69. Trick DaddyTrick Daddy
The rapper was involved in a string of incidents like picking up a drug possession charge in 2003 while at a high school football game. I’m sure those high school students sell it cheaper but come on now. He was looking at a long time in the slammer but managed to get out of it by agreeing to do a series of lectures that would educate kids about the danger of drugs. No word as if the series hit the same school where he was arrested.

68. D’AngeloD’Angelo
2005-arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and driving while intoxicated. He plead guilty and lost some money and his driver’s license out of the ordeal.

67. Mitch DanielsMitch Daniels
The current governor smoked pot in college and is cool with that being public knowledge. He was arrested for possession of marijuana while at Princeton in 1970 and spent two nights in jail. If that’s the worst skeleton in his closet, I’d say he’s good.

66. Bob DenverBob Denver
Gilligan from “Gilligan’s Island”(why didn’t they just build a boat?) found himself in a bit of a pickle in 1998 when he was arrested for having a parcel of marijuana delivered to his house. At the time, he thought he was in an episode of the show and said that “Mary Ann”(Dawn Wells) sent him the package. He must have realized what he was doing because he refused to name her in court and said “some crazy fan must have sent it.” More marijuana and other paraphernalia was found in his house and he pleaded no contest to the charges earning him six month’s probation.

65. Neil DiamondNeil Diamond
1976- a raid on the singer’s house produced less than an ounce of marijuana. the arrest was expunged from his record when Diamond agreed to attend a six-month drug aversion program. “OK class. Pick up your “pot” -which we all know is really oregano- and let’s roll up our doobies. See, that wasn’t as exciting was it. Let’s not do the real thing either. Class dismissed.”

64. Andy DickAndy Dick
The comic is known for his wacky behavior and definitely made headlines in 1999 by driving into a telephone pole and getting charged with charged with possession of cocaine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs and hit-and-run driving. (Whew, what a list.) He completed an 18-month drug diversion program(same or different as the aversion program I wonder) and got the charges against him dropped. This isn’t drug related it’s just funny. In 2007 in Columbus, Ohio, he was arrested for urinating on the sidewalk and a building. I so hope he was sober at the time. It would make the story even better. He was also supposedly intoxicated while performing his stand up act and groped patrons at a comedy club. That makes for a good story though. “So I was at the comedy club and up walks Andy Dick and grabs my junk….”

2000- arrested for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, speeding, failure to signal, driving without a license, failure to notify the DMV of an address change, and possession of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and Percocet while driving. He didn’t show up to court which resulted in a warrant for his arrest. He turned himself in but still got 15 days in jail and a $400 fine and was charged an additional $250 for bringing marijuana in his cigarette pack. 2008- arrested for possession of drugs and weapons. In a search of his house they found drugs, weapons and mistreated pit bull puppies. He barricaded himself in his room before giving up.

62. Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg
The guy sings about drugs enough so it’s no surprise it carries over to his own life. 2006- arrested for parking a loading zone and found in possession of marijuana and a firearm. He was released on a $35,000 bond. He was arrested again a few months later for the same two things in his possession after performing on the “Tonight Show.” Better stick to the gin and juice man.

61. DonovanDonovan
What a great claim to fame. In 1966, he became the first high-profile British pop star to be arrested for possession of marijuana and was refused entry into the U.S. until late 1967 because of it.

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