Emma Watson's naked interest

10 Juli 2009

Emma Watson naked would strip for cinema. The 18-year-old star has not excluded loss of its clothes for a film role, but only would agree, whether its known Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci has asked. She has told: "I would go nude, for Bernardo Bertolucci. It depends. I do not take off the clothes at any time soon, but it is a part of my work." The actress 'Emma Watson naked also has shown that she very much tries to be entered in the cinema industry now because of its age. She has added to the British magazine of Style:" I at strange age. I yet the woman, but I not the girl am more. Movie companies speak, ' About, in some years you will be fine for this purpose. ' I will resemble, ' Yes, but I wish to study English language at university then, thus it is going to be rigid to choose between two. ' "Emma wowed admirers at the prime minister of new cinema ' the Story about Desperaux ' in Hollywood, California, last night (07.12.08) in a short dark blue minidress and black шнурованных hairpin boots. ' the Story about Desperaux ' is let out all over the world from later this month.

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