Bianca Gascoigne ‘Uncontrollably Drunk’ on MTV

19 Februari 2009

Bianca Gascoigne, a renowned British glamour model and television personality, has never been shy about making a fool of herself in public, bad mouths are saying.
However, even for her, there is a rock bottom, and she hit it last year, during an MTV photoshoot in Spain, which the music network just aired the other day as part of her show “The Celebrity Agency,” the British media is reporting.
From what the video shows, Bianca was so intoxicated, that she could barely stand to pose for pictures for MTV. At one point, her people decided that it was about time they called it a day and one tried to show Bianca to a sun lounger, but the star was so out of it that she tripped, fell and landed on her head. The same woman is then shown trying to take Bianca to her hotel room to sleep it off.
Apparently, the star, daughter of famous footballer Paul John Gascoigne, got so drunk after she had one too many vodkas because she was cold. As she herself explains upon sobering up, the vodka and lack of food brought her into that state, much to her shame and embarrassment. “I’m really embarrassed about the photoshoot now. We were travelling to different beaches all day and it was quite cold, so I was drinking vodka to keep warm. The problem is, I just kept on drinking and hadn’t had anything to eat because I didn’t want my belly sticking out.” the star says to the cameras.
Sadly, she did not stop here either. “Later in the show, her agent is seen undressing, bathing and putting her to bed as she couldn’t walk or stand. She then tells her boss that she has positioned Bianca ‘head-to-face down’ to stop her swallowing her own vomit. After the shoot, also attended by glamour model Charlotte Mears, who had to help her stay up, her worried agent describes Bianca as ‘uncontrollably drunk.’” the Daily Mail writes about the episode that MTV just aired.
While, as noted above, Bianca is no stranger to controversy and embarrassing herself in front of the cameras, the incident is described by her friends as extremely painful for her family, especially since her father has been struggling with alcohol addiction for years.

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