Nong Poy Beauty Thai Miss

10 Januari 2009

Treechada Petcharat (Nong Poy) from Thailand was crowned Miss International Queen 2004, followed very closely by the beautiful Arisha Rani from India and Ma Cristina Dandan of the Philippines. Nong Poy is studying for a Bachelors degree at the Rajbhat Suan Dusit College.

In a television interview with Nong Poy described in moving terms how she felt about undergoing a sex change operation. Poy was just 19 when she won the beauty contests.

'I knew I wanted to be a women ever since I was a child. But I had to fake being a man, for Mum and Dad. I felt uncomfortable, and disgusted with my own male sex organs. Back then I was 17, so I decided to have the operation to change my sex. Once I had it, I felt much better, like I had become a new person.

'At first I was scared of going under the knife, so I consulted the surgeon, and looked for information about it, until I was certain I was ready to be a woman. The operation hurt, but it was worth the happiness I felt later once I had become a woman.'

She also appear in the mtv of the song called Moo-Chai-Poo-Chai (I'm not a Guy) by a band called Doo Ba Doo.

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