Kamal Sidhu Miss India

10 Januari 2009

Kamal Sidhu was born in 1971 in Canada. She won the title of Miss India Canada in 1991. She is one of the hot models in India. She also worked as an actress in Hindi film Aar Ya Paar (1997) with Jackie Shroff, Deepa Sahi, Ritu Shivpuri and Paresh rawal. She was once a VJ for MTV India and currently she is anchoring an environmental series "EarthPulse" on National Geographic.

Now a channel AXN VJ, anyone who knows Kamal Sidhu would know that she can be described as being synonymous with cream - she always rises to the top! From as early as her school days in Quebec, Canada, Kamal has always been striving to do her best, from aiming to be an Olympic athlete,to getting her university degree in pre-med,to becoming the undisputed beauty of the small screen.

Aside from a face that could launch a million ships, Kamal also has an unequaled work ethic. As a talented athlete she was training to compete at Olympics Games in Atlanta, representing Canada in the hepthathlon. An unfortunate injury ended those dreams abruptly. Anyone else would have been lulled into inertia, but not Kamal. Instead she turned her focus on her studies, majoring in human Kinetics or Kinesiology.

After she completed her fourth year, her cousin suggested that they enter the Miss India Canada pageant together. As an athlete and medical student, Kamal laughed at the idea, but played along and won the contest. Modeling offers came pouring in. Deciding it was time to return to her ancestral root in India, she arrived on the of Hindustan in 1991 where MTV scouts spotted her immediately. Traveling has always been a passion and a way of life for the doe-eyed beauty. Kamal was born in Philippines ("but I'II have you know I'm a Punjabi girl!"), where she stayed till the age of six. Armed with Tagalog, English and Punjabi as languages she moved to Canada where she added French to her linguistic skills. Her last linguistic endeavor was adding Hindi to that list for her film ' Aar ya Paar" opposite Jackie Shroff.

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