Jessica Alba Hot Sexy Picture

30 November 2008

The celebs Jessica Alba and Hugh Jackman have been voted the sexiest superheroes of all time for their characters portrayed in ‘Fantastic Four’ and 'X-men'. A spokeswoman for the poll conducted by Pearl and Dean said: It’s no surprise that so many people find superheroes sexy. The combination of toned bodies, incredible powers and the all-important tight-fitting costume on the big screen is too appealing to resist. Although it looks like underpants-over-the-trousers look hasn’t worked so well for Superman.

After playing a genetically enhanced guy-magnet on the sci-fi series Dark Angel, Jessica Alba took her toned body to the big screen in Honey, Sin City and The Fantastic Four. Though few of her films have been huge box office hits, her star continues to rise, thanks in part to her dedicated male fan base and stunning looks.

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