Heather Locker sexy and hot

18 November 2008

Heather Locker
It was month of March when someone called the 911 who really sound feared because Heather Locker is in bad shape that she might commit suicide. But her rep denied the said issue and told everyone that Heather Locker is in good shape and that Heather never requested some medical assistance.

Heather Locker is one of the hottest and sexiest Hollywood actress in town. It was reported that Heather Locker checked herself into a treatment in Arizona. Now that she is in treatment for a so called "anxiety and depression", many are praying for her to get well as soon as possible.

After stripping down with a hot and sexy red bikini for her film role and some pictures that leaked all over the internet. Now, this hot and sexy celebrity is facing a different role in her life.

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