Sandra Dewi Hot Seksi

03 Oktober 2008

Although just new Artist in the one film, but Sandra's acting began to receive praise. Moreover Sandra received the acknowledgment from Dimas Djayadiningrat that had not praised the person. “Biar also he (Sandra) the newcomer, but his star rays already Sandra's words imitated praise of Dimas Djay. “Hore… finally I could praise to,” he said cheerful. Other praise was thrown from the director of the Social Gathering film and shared Suami, Nia Dinata. Nia was attracted by Sandra that was calm, plain and plain that was just right with Lila's character in Quickie Express. Moreover SCTV recruited Sandra as the icon last December 2007. Not acting, but sang. In fact Sandra claimed in no way could singing. About Sandra entered to role art, unintentionally met Nia Dinata in the site of the model election of a magazine. By chance Nia became one of the race juries. Nia offered kasting to Sandra. Initially this rabbit tooth not all that could believe himself when seeing his competitor who in general has had fame in the world.

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