14 November 2008

Tila Tequila: Mum on Mac Guy Hook Up

Love Tila Tequila, or think she's a waste of clothing (the few times she chooses to wear any), you gotta hand it to this reality TV star: She knows how to stay in the news.

Following rumors that Tila hooked up with Justin Long in Las Vegas, this celebrity gossip guru proved adept at selling mystery over admission.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it should just stay there," Tequila told Us Weekly about the supposed make out session. "I don't remember anything."

This could be due to diminished brain capacity, too much alcohol on the night in question or - most likely - both.

Double T

As for her romance with Courtenay Semel?

"Everything is cool," Tequila said. "We made a pact to not talk about our relationship anymore. It tends to cause a lot of strain in our relationship."

Okay then. What about choosing between men and women, Tila?

"I just go with my feelings. If one day you are into someone and the next day, you meet someone else that you are into, just go with what your heart wants. There is no rules. I follow my heart."

Not to mention the closest photographer.

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